Here to match you with 1D
Anonymous said:
how old is harry


one direction + personal photos

alright i’m out! if i get anymore submissions i’ll do ‘em later.

ciao bellas :)


I’m Kayla! 

-5’5” with long brown hair and blue eyes

-Shy at first but crazy once I feel comfortable around you {:

-Always down to try new things!

Hi love! you are super pretty! I love your hair! :)

I ship you with Zayn!


BF, BFFL, secret lover Ship please :P

I’m 19. My favorite thing to do is make other people laugh. I also love to sing, dance, and act. My friends tell me I’m a great listener and that I’m good at giving advice.

I hope that’s good enough. Thank you, dear :)

Hi, love! you are gorgeous! i love your hair! :D

Boyfriend: Louis 
Best Friend: Liam
Secret Lover: Niall

I hope you like it! :)


this is my best friend. could you ship her please? (:

sure thing hun! GORGEOUS! I love your hair and your eyes are soooo pretty! :)

I ship you with Niall :)


hi! it’s kendall hereee. haven’t been on in forever so i’ll do some shipping! send me your gorgeous faces! :)

and who would you ship me with? :)